Creative maps by Taipei Tech students take new angle on Taiwan
2015-01-06 17:11:47

    Taipei, Jan. 6 (CNA) Design students at National Taipei University of Technology are trying to change the way people visualize Taiwan with a series of themed maps that show off local features like delicacies, railway lines and haunted houses.

    Zheng Meng-cong, an associate professor of design at Taipei Tech who led the students in creating the 31 unique maps, said that while people tend to think of the island in terms of weather or geography, the stories of Taiwan and the things happening here can be just as important. "This was why I have decided to lead students to know about Taiwan in a different way," he said about the project that encouraged freshmen to put cultural elements and landmarks around the island quite literally on the map.

    The collection of maps will be on display at the school through Jan. 10, where visitors can buy postcard prints and contribute money to help raise funds for larger-scale production.

    One retro map by Lin Yi-hsin, an avid train lover, shows train lines around Taiwan and portrays a number of major stations to show their distinctive features.

    Another student, Chen Yi-chieh, created a map with a maze that features 12 purported haunted houses all around Taiwan, while classmate Sung Wei-chen's map shows the best surfing spots around the island and includes information on geography, waves and landmarks.

    Yunus Emre Yilmaz, a student from Turkey, made his map about local agricultural products and delicacies, such as tea from Nantou, pineapple cakes from Taipei, and sun cakes from Taichung, and labeled each in Turkish to attract friends and family back home to visit.

(By Hsu Chih-wei and Lilian Wu)